Certain categories listed on front page do not show posts

Hello WPMU Dev Community,

my site: http://www.theconfluenceproject.com/

I'm having an issue with the "Categories" widget at the bottom left of the Front Page.

The first category "alternative energy" does not lead to archived posts in that category.


1. When you scroll over "alternative energy" the status bar in my web browser reads correctly "http://www.theconfluenceproject.com/category/alternative-energy/"

2. however, when you click on the "alternative energy" - it just reloads the front page.

3. all other categories work correctly, in other words, when you WWOOFing, it takes you to: "http://www.theconfluenceproject.com/category/wwoofing/"

4. Also, chronologically, I created this WWOOfing category after I created the Alternative Energy category. Not sure if this gives any insight, but thought I'd mention it as it seems that part of the issue may have something to do with this category being the one listed first alphabetically.

Thanks for helping troubleshoot this,


It's strange because all other Categories work correctly.