cf7 conditional field css

Hi on homepage I am using the cf7 with an add-on for a conditional field. If the user selects "other" in the "how did you hear about us" then another field pop-ups. Problem is, as you will see, is that is lays on top on field underneath it. I tried just adding margin-bottom to it, but that didn't work. How else can I get the bottom most field (case details) to shift down when the new field pops-in?

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Jonathan,

    This is happening because you forced text field from first column to be wide as those three columns - setting margin/padding for that field wont help, because there is nothing to push down (text field is in first column, not under those three cols).

    You have to create new row and move that field

    <p style="min-width:317%"> [textarea* case_details placeholder "Case Details"] </p>

    under those 3 cols so natural flow of element will be preserved. This way that field will be actually under that last col and when new element will be added it will be pushed down as should.

    kind regards,

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