Chained Payements with Membership, marketpress and coursepress


ok, my problem is about the lake of chained payment in membership Pro.

I need to sell courses with Coursepress by chained payment.

If I sell a course only with coursepress and marketpress then, no problem. Marketpress take care about the chained payment.


But, now my need is to sell course with dripped content.

Until now, the only way to sell by dripped content is to use Membership with URL groups for each module and create rules with time (1 day after subscription, 3 days after, 7 days…:wink:.

So here, customer must buy the course not with marketpress but with a Membership subscription (I don’t know another way to do dripped content of courses).

But problem is that membership don’t have a chained payment…

So my questions are :

1) Is there a way to sell a membership subscription as a marketpress product ? In other words, a customer goes in my courses shop (marketpress) and buy a ‘product’ but this ‘product’ is a membership subscription. Thus, in this case, Marketpress + chained payment control payment (and it’s not Membership). And thus, membership subscription is ok and then access to dripped course content is allowed.

In other other words(!), I need marketpress controls payment, and Membership controls access by rules to modules/courses.

2)Otherwise, is chained payment is in the features roadmap of membership pro or protected content plugin ?

3)What are low/high job prices for this job :

“Add Chained payment gateway to membership plugin” ?

4)What are low/high job prices for this job :

“Can sell a Membership subscription in Marketpress shop”.

Membership must controls access only and marketpress controls payments, but two work together.

Thank you very much for your answers.

Best regards


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, Boll!

    You’re right, we don’t currently support the setup you need. I’m happy to add a feature request, both for Membership and Protected Content to support chained payments. We can’t promise all feature requests will make it all the way to feature, however, and it seems like this is a time-critical issue for you.

    Hiring it out is wise here, I think, but I’m unable to give you a high/low on the cost. Working with payment gateways, and especially PayPal, and double especially chained payments, is going to be a challenge in the best of circumstances, and there’s a pretty wide range of hourly rates for WP developers, depending on where and who you hire. I’d lean towards someone with a lot of experience (at least 5-10 chained payment integrations with WordPress/PayPal behind them), which will cost you upfront but save you lots and lots of both time and money in the future. PayPal experts are worth the money, because PayPal makes it really difficult to become an expert.

    You might also consider, if you’re working with a dev, integrating Stripe Connect in lieu of PayPal. Stripe is newer, so there’s less experience overall, but everything is simpler with Stripe, including chained payments.

    Hope this helps!

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