Chained payments approval process


I am totally new to this site but am happy I took the discion to join.

However at the moment I am really confused on how to gain approval for the Pay Pal chained payments API in Market Press.

Have found myself bouncing around inside here and Pay Pal X developer site and have ended up with more questions than answers.

I have noticed that some of you have gone through the process successfully and wondered if any of you had written a roadmap of the whole process from start to finish that you might be willing to share.

All the best and thanks in advance


  • Timothy Bowers

    From what I've seen on these forums no two processes are identical. Paypal will fire off a number of different questions depending on your set-up, purpose, product type, business status (plc, ltd, etc).

    I suppose the only part of the process which remains constant is that they want screenshots and a way to test your cart in sandbox mode which from memory they mention whilst you fill out their application. I know WPMUDEV give pointers in their docs.

    I think apart from that it would be hard to get any more precise. Sorry.

  • ozbod

    Hi Tim,

    thanks for your reply, seems like this is a bit of an iffy topic which I feel should have some decent docs to guide users as it's not a run of thre mill thing for the average user to try and do.

    Anyway I have made some progress and have got 2 x sandbox sellers addresses and 2 x buyers addresses set up and have sucessfully performed transactions and got some screen shots as well. I did have problems though because on occassion when clicking on the pay pal button I fouind myself at the sand box login page, not what was expected but I think pay pal are having an iffy day.

    The only other wierd thing I am seeing on each occassion is that pay pal are making this statement:

    April 12, 2011 - 12:30 pm: Pending: The payment is pending.
    The payment is pending while it is being reviewed by PayPal for risk.

    Don't know if this is normal behaviour for sandbox or not as this is my first time using it, but at least the transactions are going through the whole flow process.

    Now I have this cracked the next step is to complete the application and keep my fingers crossed.

    I will document this whole process and make it available once completed in the hope that it might help some poor soul along the way.



  • ozbod


    am I not understanding something here, in a chained set up on buddypress would I expect to see a % of sales end up in the admin pay pal sandbox account for all sales made on blogs on the network, I have set it to 10% for testing so if a sale was made for £10 on a network blog I would expect to earn £1 correct, I am not seeing this. Keep in mind I am totally in sadbox at the moment

    Here are my current setting in network admin>settings>marketpress

    2 checkout no access no access
    manual payments no access
    pp chained payment no access
    pp express all can use

    (quick note on above - noticed that if chaned was allowed for all and both options were checked in a network blog, then the buyer would see two small payment buttons on the select payment method page, even with this chained still did not work)

    pay pal email address has my live address
    pay pal api credentials have my live credentials

    pay pal sandbox api details has the sandbox credentials

    Note: I am not seeing the "Gateway Settings Page Message" on the netwirk blogs iether

    Settings in Site Admin>products>store settings>payments

    Select payment gateway pay pal chained and pay pal express both checked, the rest unchecked

    Pay Pal settings

    Currency GBP
    Mode Sandbox
    email contains the sandbox e-mail address for the site admin

    PP express settings

    united kingdom, GBP, sandbox

    API credentials all sandbox double checked

    And finally the network seller datails

    products>store settings>payment

    UK, GBP, Sandbox

    APi credentials all using the sandbox detaiuls for this seller sandbox account.

    As mentioned at the start, transaction through the sandbox system are working fine today but I am not seeing 10% of the transaction arriving in the site admin sandbox account, any helps would be greatly appreciated and of course will end up in my doc on this process



  • Philip John

    Hiya Dave,

    I've asked some of the other guys to chip in here so we can all help with that guide you're putting together. I think that'll really help other members so major kudos coming your way when you get it done!

    pay pal email address has my live address
    pay pal api credentials have my live credentials

    I've only ever played with Sandbox once and that was a while ago and not a pleasant experience :wink: but is this correct? IIRC you will have a sandbox email address and API creds to enter instead of live ones?

    I may be mistaken..


  • ozbod


    I got the chained payments sorted out in the end, thanks to the first response from Pay Pal regarding the API approval process, they pointed out to me in a round a bout sort of way that I was using express instead of chained, so I went back and checked again and yes the settings I have written earlier were wrong.

    In Network Admin>Settings>MarketPlace>Gateway Permissions

    only allow access to PayPal Chained Payments set all other gateway options to no access

    In PayPal Chained Payment Settings I have used my sandbox details, not my personal ones

    Moving onto your test sellers account

    Products>Store Settings>Payment Settings

    In Select Payment Gateway(s) you should only see Pal Pal, check this

    Next select your currency and then Sandbox and finally enter your Pay Pal sandsbox address for yout test seller account.

    This is now working for me perfectly and I can trace the payments from the test buyer to the test seller and then the commission payment from test seller to site owner all in the Pay Pal sandbox.

    I can also confirm that the following text is being shown on the Payment Gateway page in all sellers shops on the network:

    "Please be aware that we will deduct a 10% fee from the total of each transaction in addition to any fees PayPal may charge you. If for any reason you need to refund a customer for an order, please contact us with a screenshot of the refund receipt in your PayPal history as well as the Transaction ID of our fee deduction so we can issue you a refund. Thank you"

    Ok so maybe I got my set up all wrong from the start, but in my defence there wasn't much direction avaialble, but it's ok now and I am happy to share my experiences.

    So thanks Celine from Pay Pal for making me look at this from a different angle



  • Timothy Bowers

    Ok so maybe I got my set up all wrong from the start, but in my defence there wasn't much direction avaialble, but it's ok now and I am happy to share my experiences.

    So thanks Celine from Pay Pal for making me look at this from a different angle

    Yeah in order to use a payment gateway you have to select it to use it.

    Glad you got it sorted. I'm not sure we would have caught your mistake without being able to see the set up, we all assumed because you were asking about Chained Payments that you were using Chained Payments.

    Thanks for getting back to us on this! :slight_smile:

  • ozbod

    I think my mistake was having both chained payments and express selected in the site admin and express selected in the seller shop, think I was tired and frustrated when I wrote yesterday about my settings.

    But my roadmap will most certainly include these details, on the subject of approval by Pay Pal, I am just waiting for a decision as they said all questions have now been answered, has taken just over 24 hours so far.



  • Timothy Bowers

    I'm really not sure, but it is painfully slow. I log into their X site just to make sure there was not an issue with an e-mail coming through and I just see that the app is still under review.

    Maybe part of the issue is we tackle their process and data request as end users rather than developers..... Or they are simple inundated with requests recently, thanks to people like WPMUDEV making it simpler for people to achieve these kinds of set ups.....

    in fact I am also thinking about doing one for the sandbox as well but will ask Phil about that first, but am sure it would help people out who are new to it as I was.

    Anything which will help guide people, even if its just a forum post. I'm sure many would be grateful. :slight_smile: