Challenge getting autoblog to post articles

If I should be in the knowledge base please let me know. I have researched autoblog extensively and I'm down to the following challenges. I will gladly post what I've learned to the knowledge base once I have autoblog completely working.

1. I removed the following code suggested from the knowledge base which was preventing posts from processing. I found it in a readme file from wp: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />.
2. This is now what I get: Feed processing was finished. No new items were imported. for all my feeds.

Please Note: Each feed except Reuters validates and even Reuters works if you put it in a browser.
3. Below are images of each aspect of autoblog:
List of my feeds:
Logs showing processing:
Details of settings for all 4 of my feeds:
3a: (CNN)
3b: (AP)
3c. (Foxnews)
3d. (Reuters)

4. Validation image of each feed
4a: (CNN)
4b: (AP)
4c. (Foxnews)
4d. (Reuters)

I realize the highlighted areas of the validation are trying to tell me what needs fixed and I have been able to remove some things however, the remaining things in the images above I can't seem to solve.

I appreciate any help you can be.
thx for this great resource

ps. if access would help me solve these issues and learn to use autoblog... I'm sure glad to provide it.

  • Rupok

    Hi Rick, hope you had a wonderful day.

    Each feed except Reuters validates and even Reuters works if you put it in a browser

    Actually Autoblog use RSS Parser for getting content from RSS feeds. Parsers can't read data if the feed is not valid. Please note, validation depends on coding structure and errors. But most of the latest browsers are smart enough to ignore those errors and display feed content. So if a feed is visible in browser doesn't mean it has valid/standard coding. And as long the code is not valid, RSS parsers can't read them.

    Can you use third party RSS Feed creator services like or something else and check if those feeds work?

    I'm looking forward to hear from you and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • DigiBlueArc

    Hi Rupok,

    I appreciate your quick replay and wanted to let you know that I'm working on some of the issues based on your suggestion. I will report my progress as soon as it makes sense. As always, this membership resource as the invaluable guidance I get always creates paths for me to learn.

    Please leave this open and when I have it working the way I need to I will close it and post anything that could be helpful to other developers in your knowledge base.

    Best regards,

  • DigiBlueArc

    Hi again Rupok,

    And again I want to offer a thanks for your guidance as it has been valuable in analyzing my rss feed needs for the major league project I'm about to release. I'm using multisite with buddypress and membership 2 pro that will be the platform for a system that is expected to grow to over a million free blogs within months, probably sooner based on extremely successful testing.

    After trying what you suggested and studying all of my options, I chose to go with the premium bundle of wp rss aggregator. I actually had used this plugin for another client. Once I fully launch and continue to prove my business plan, I will once again upgrade, this time to an enterprise level program by curata.

    I truly appreciate your time spent on my request and look forward to the fabulous support I get from this membership.

    Closing this ticket.
    Best regards,

  • DigiBlueArc

    Hi Rupok,

    Something interesting happened during the process of deciding how to curate my multisites. Autoblog, which I wanted to use, choked on parsing code for processed articles so I chose WP RSS Aggregator.

    However, my platform is multisite with many TLD (top level domains) mapped to it. I will also be using Buddypress to create a system much like Eblog with free blogs for my users. They will be subscribing to what I call groups (topics) that I will be providing content curating each topic or group. Rather than pay for upgrades to WP RSS Aggregator for more accounts, I pay for a single account and then I will program Autoblog to curate the groups for the different topics users choose through my own RSS feeds. I think that's pretty cool.

    I hope I explained it in a way that makes sense and I wanted to let you know because you were so helpful. I don't know how this ticket will react to posting again so I will re-open and then close to make sure you see my solution which is all your fault for making me think so hard :wink:

    With much appreciation

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