Challenge getting autoblog to post articles

If I should be in the knowledge base please let me know. I have researched autoblog extensively and I’m down to the following challenges. I will gladly post what I’ve learned to the knowledge base once I have autoblog completely working.

1. I removed the following code suggested from the knowledge base which was preventing posts from processing. I found it in a readme file from wp: <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />.

2. This is now what I get: Feed processing was finished. No new items were imported. for all my feeds.

Please Note: Each feed except Reuters validates and even Reuters works if you put it in a browser.

3. Below are images of each aspect of autoblog:

List of my feeds:

Logs showing processing:

Details of settings for all 4 of my feeds:

3a: (CNN)

3b: (AP)

3c. (Foxnews)

3d. (Reuters)

4. Validation image of each feed

4a: (CNN)

4b: (AP)

4c. (Foxnews)

4d. (Reuters)

I realize the highlighted areas of the validation are trying to tell me what needs fixed and I have been able to remove some things however, the remaining things in the images above I can’t seem to solve.

I appreciate any help you can be.

thx for this great resource

ps. if access would help me solve these issues and learn to use autoblog… I’m sure glad to provide it.