Change a menu item

I want to change the dropdown Menu "My Blogs" to say "My Sites" instead. And "Create A Blog" to say "Create A Site".

in bp-core-adminbar.php I see it in this piece of code

echo '<li id="bp-adminbar-blogs-menu"> loggedin_user->domain . $bp->blogs->slug . '/my-blogs">';

_e( 'My Blogs', 'buddypress' );


if ( bp_blog_signup_enabled() ) {
echo '<li' . $alt . '>';
echo 'root_domain . '/' . $bp->blogs->slug . '/create/">' . __( 'Create a Blog!', 'buddypress' ) . '';
echo '';

But would like to know if I can get help on how to code it properly if possible inside bp-custom.php to make it work.

I searched google but negative.