Change Appointments + email

By default Appointments + uses the email set in Settings -> General in the notifications. Can we use a different email specifically to App+?

  • Panos

    Hi Brad Clarke ,

    By default there is no option for this (at least in current version). There is though a filter which should do the trick.

    Try the following:

    add_filter( 'app_get_admin_email', function( $admin_email ){
        return 'your-other-email-address';
    }, 10 );

    You can add the above snippet in a mu-plugin. IF the wp-content/mu-plugins folder doesn't exist you can create it. Inside that folder create a new php file, for example app-admin-email.php.

    Open that file to edit and insert the above code starting with the opening php tag. That file should contain :

    add_filter( 'app_get_admin_email', function( $admin_email ){
        return 'your-other-email-address';
    }, 10 );

    If you are using a child theme you can instead add that snippet in the fuctions.php file of your child theme. In this case you don't need the opening php tag.

    Please let us know if this helps :slight_smile:


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