Change BuddyPress slugs and email notifications?

I want to change some of the BuddyPress URL slugs and email notifications.

Like when someone sends you a friend request, ex: “Jackson wants to add you as a friend.” How do I change it to something like “Jackson wants to add you as a partner.” (not the actual instance with my issue).

Or replace the URL slug “friends” in “” with “partners”. I don’t actually want to use “partners”, but I’m using it as an example in this discussion for consistency (just like people use

So when someone gets a notification via email (already happens through BuddyPress without customizations) about a friend request they received, it’ll be like the below:

Jacob wants to add you as a friend. To view all of your pending diplomacy requests:

To view Jacob’s profile:

I know how to change the /members slug and already have on my website. I simply changed the URL for the page through WordPress Admin Dashboard. I just want to change a few slugs – currently, all I need is to replace the “friends” URL slug with something else. I’m okay messing with a little code if someone can lead me through the process.