Change colors on items in business feature theme

Liking this theme, but I have 3 questions. I did find a thread where the 1st one was addressed, tried it and it didn't work.

First of all, I did select default.css to be able to customize the colors. But, there seem to be a few that I don't get the option to change.

1) how do I change the background color of the header strapline, the site footer, the search bar border on the front page from that gloomy gray to blue - hex code is #32578B if I know where?

In the buttons there is another color - green that I would like to change, that is not called out in the custom styling options. Its on the search bar, comment button and inside the twitter button.

2) also, I want to change the main nav bar color and dropdown colors

I have "my custom css" if you have code snippet. :slight_smile:

3) last question is related to the blog digest page when this theme is activated. I can't see the front page until I go into Settings>reading>your latest posts

SO then I try to insert the link to my old blog digest page into a menu link but it doesn't seem to work.

Thanks in advance and hallelujah, not sending you these questions after hours on a weekend!(well at least not for me in the good ole western USA :slight_smile: )

You guys rock and thanks for your help. @iempoweru Linda