Change colors on items in business feature theme

Liking this theme, but I have 3 questions. I did find a thread where the 1st one was addressed, tried it and it didn't work.

First of all, I did select default.css to be able to customize the colors. But, there seem to be a few that I don't get the option to change.

1) how do I change the background color of the header strapline, the site footer, the search bar border on the front page from that gloomy gray to blue - hex code is #32578B if I know where?

In the buttons there is another color - green that I would like to change, that is not called out in the custom styling options. Its on the search bar, comment button and inside the twitter button.

2) also, I want to change the main nav bar color and dropdown colors

I have "my custom css" if you have code snippet. :slight_smile:

3) last question is related to the blog digest page when this theme is activated. I can't see the front page until I go into Settings>reading>your latest posts

SO then I try to insert the link to my old blog digest page into a menu link but it doesn't seem to work.

Thanks in advance and hallelujah, not sending you these questions after hours on a weekend!(well at least not for me in the good ole western USA :slight_smile: )

You guys rock and thanks for your help. @iempoweru Linda

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Linda!

    Can you give me a link to the page in question? And if you enable support access I can drop the CSS in for you, with a few more details about the colors you want instead of the defaults. :slight_smile:

    If this is ok, just grant me temporary admin access to your site by clicking "Grant Access" button in the WPMU DEV Dashboard Settings from the following path and reply on this thread after granting it?

    Admin -> WPMU DEV -> Support -> Support Access Tab

    If you have not installed WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin yet, kindly do that here : and then allow access as per the above process.

    Thanks, Linda!

  • iempoweru
    • The Crimson Coder

    Ok, I just granted you access. Can you make these changes in the custom css so if I need to adjust the colors I can?

    The #32578B for the header strap and footer are on all pages, the search bar border is on the front page.

    The green change to blue #32578B is on the twitter button in the sidebar, the search bar button and the comment buttons in the blogs.

    Actually is it possible to just remove that front page search bar? If so, that would be preferable.

    I want to try the navigation bar as the blue #32578B and the dropdowns as the orange #CB7A2B

    It may look nasty so I need to be able to change it if I can.

    The blog digest page should be It works in the original theme, but, as you will be able to see, not in this one.

    Thank you so much!

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello there @iempoweru, I hope you're well today!

    I just logged-in on your site and fixed this for you.
    Since you already had a custom CSS plugin installed, I added this CSS in there:

    /* MENU */
    .nav {
      background: #32578B;
    /* SUBMENU */
    .sf-menu li li {
      background: #CB7A2B;
    /* BUTTONS */
    #searchform #sbb,
    #tweet a.button,
    ul.button-nav li a,
    div.generic-button a {
      background: #32578B;
      border: none;
    /* BUTTONS (HOVER) */
    #searchform #sbb:hover,
    #tweet a.button:hover,
    ul.button-nav li a:hover,
    ul.button-nav li.current a,
    div.generic-button a:hover {
      background: #3a649e;
      border: none;

    You can edit these colours and choose your own. :slight_smile:

    As for your blog page I just edited the page and selected the "blog news" template on it.

    I hope that helps!


  • iempoweru
    • The Crimson Coder

    That is so great - thank you! Very dumb of me on the blog page - I should've been able to figure that out.

    Just 3 other details:

    Can we change that header strap, footer and front page search bar from the gray to blue, once again putting it in the "My custom css"

    And eliminate the search bar on the front page? Thanks very much in advance!

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again!

    Done. :slight_smile:
    This is the CSS that was added this time:

    body.home div#searchform {
      display: none;
    #site-panel .top-panel {
      background: #32578B;
    #site-panel .top-panel {
      -webkit-border-radius: 0 0 12px 12px;
      border-radius: 0 0 12px 12px;
    #footer {
      background: #32578B;
      border-top: 3px solid #3a649e;


  • axessJosh
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    thanks, I'm pretty new to WPMU but trying my first attempt at the business feature site theme. I generally write my own child themes but wanted to try and see if this was a quicker development model.

    I'd like to update the .navigation background but can't find where.

    Thanks for getting back to me, look forward to your response tomorrow.

  • Vinod Dalvi
    • WP Unicorn

    Hi @axessJosh,

    You can also add the provided CSS code in the style.css file of your child theme or add it in your site using the following plugin.

    I got a failed to write error when trying to install both from download within wordpress and also by uploading the .zip file.

    To help keep support tickets separate, could you please open a new thread for your new question

    You can also include reference of this thread in your newly created thread.

    This helps to prevent any confusion (for us) as I'm sure you understand. Also this might help other members looking for a similar answer. :slight_smile:

    We would be more than happy to help you on your new thread :slight_smile:

    Vinod Dalvi

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