Change in register page behaviour between Membership and Membership 2 Pro

I've just upgraded from Membership to Membership 2 Pro and am trying to get it working as before.

With Membership, I found that when users on a subscription plan clicked on a link to the "register" page, they would automatically be redirected to the page giving details of their subscription. I found this very useful as my protected content text linked people to the "register" page and I put a message at the top telling people that if they were seeing the page and had already subscribed then they had to log in, with a link to the wordpress login page. If they were not a subscriber then they could pay the subscription to access the content.

This worked great. With Membership 2 Pro, it seems people see the "register" page even when they are logged in and have a subscription, which means the above approach no longer works.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve the same thing in Membership 2 Pro? In other words, I want a way to prompt people who cannot view protected content to either subscribe or log in.