Change invite link in email from Invite Anyone plugin

Plugin used on site is this

There is modification needed in code of that plugin to send different links.
This is what links in that email looks like right now

We want

Also here's the text of the email received by the invitee

You have been invited by Do Not Invite iGotPro to join the iGotPro Community for FREE! Through this unique network, you can cross-promote your services to other professionals' Circles of Influence and increase your direct reach to your ideal target market substantially and easily. ================ . To accept this invitation, please visit Do you know Do Not Invite iGotPro? Check out Do Not Invite iGotPro's profile at To opt out of future invitations to this site, please visit

This text is generated by the invite anyone plugin
1. The text is crowded. We need to fix that
2. The links don't work as desired

We tired to change wp-content/plugins/invite-anyone/by-email/by-email.php
file, under lines 987.

$inviter_url = bp_loggedin_user_domain();


$inviter_url = ''.$inviter_name;

but that did not worked on our site.

More details if necessary are available on the live chat transcript.