Change language in header button and Home Articles Block

I'd like to chnage the text in the button located in the headers
* Home
* Activity
* Members
* Groups
* Blogs

Where can i change those buttons to my language (French)?
also i'd like to change : More articles »

and in the more article section is this possible to have last activity instead of article???

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  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    I believe those links are in the theme header.php file. I'm stuck on a locked down terminal so I can't pull down the theme files myself but that's where they're normally are.

    I don't see the More Articles right off on your site. Can you provide a link please to that? I believe that's hard coded as well and I *think* that should be in the theme's index.php file.

  • Huemac
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Andrew, I've the same issue (with the Italian translation). But I think that the problem is in your themes (I use the BP Fun), because it works correctly with the default BP theme, but when I activate the BP Fun, the menu links (home, activity, members, etc) are in English. Same with the "more articles" link.

  • Huemac
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thank you Andrew, btw I'm playing with that theme, and I must admin that the usability of it it's very very bad. It seems that the contents/buttons has been put without a logic, navigating any page you find a lot of buttons/links. The user profile it's probably the worst.
    And also some stuff are exactly the same as links (eg the time when something happened), and you don't know what's click-able and what's not (eg the group page). Will you improve it please?
    Unfortunately for now I'm very disappointed with this theme, but it's the best one (for the colours) that suit my needs :slight_frown:

    (I'm using the dark-red version)

  • Huemac
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Andrew, the theme itself (default and various colours) is good, both for the layout and the colours. But can you load just for a minute the dark red version and go into a user profile? Do you see what kind of mess is into there? I mean, in other colours you see the difference between the two menus, but in the dark red version they're both the same! Can you confirm it?
    Also, when you're there, go also to see an activity of that user, the background is white, the text is white and the links orange...instead of the red background. You can't read nothing. I think that this is a little bug/things forgotten to change in the layout...
    I think I'll manually change the style for my needs, but I'm worried about updates, as I'll have to check again them :slight_frown:

  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    the bp-fun theme had its own load_theme_textdomain..this was added prior to earlier version
    since user tend to prefer edit the theme text.

    open up bp-fun/languages/...there should be default.po and
    rename both file to your language code like en_EN or fr_FR.

    open the new rename .po file with poedit and edit the theme text-string you want.

    this had been brought up quite a few time...there is a different between theme text translation
    and core i80n translation...this can be spot with the string like _e('home', 'buddypress':wink:; and
    _e('home', 'bp-fun':wink:; where the text domain string are different, that's why translation may not work
    with the i80n repo translation...suggestion: try copy paste the language file to theme language folder.

    final step to activate the theme translation are open up functions.php and find this line code

    //function test_localization( $locale ) {<br />
    //return &quot;my_MY&quot;;<br />
    //}<br />
    //add_filter('locale','test_localization');<br />

    edit to

    function test_localization( $locale ) {<br />
    return &quot;fr_FR&quot;; //this is your own language code<br />
    }<br />
    add_filter('locale','test_localization');<br />

    the theme string should be working now.


    all the preset style used the same object nav and subnav across all themes.
    i wouldn't say it was a mess and unlogical since the indicator are can
    see the different icon in each section...

    also you mention some activity css bug..seem fine in my end..did you made any
    edit to the css that cause this?...below are screenshot from latest bp-fun version in profile and activity page...

    the css are ok to me...can you attach a screenshot of your page so i can look into it

  • TTiger
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Ive done those things

    change file name defeault.po and to fr_FR.po and
    ive chnage the string in fonctions.php from my_MY to fr_FR.
    I've edit the .po to change the words to my languages and still not workng :slight_frown:

    Now im giving a look to navigation.php

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