Change log


I notice that Pro Sites got a update version, but where is the change log ?
How do I know what's the new goodies ?

  • aecnu

    Greetings jameshsi,

    There are several way to view the change log to an updated plugin in which I will cover a coupel of the most common.

    The first one would be when it is presented in the plugins themselves.

    Before upgrading:
    Logged into the network admin dashboard you would go to Plugins --> find the plugin you want the change log of --> click view details

    After upgrading:
    Go the specific plugin page on WPMU Dev if it is indeed a WPMU Dev plugin, then from the menu on the right titled "Information" choose other versions

    This will give you a listing of all the versions of the plugin including the current version and the changes made within each plugin relative to the version.

    Cheers, Joe