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Is it possible to use a custom login form using something like Gravity Forms? I know you can use it to create Registration forms but this changes the signup process

The markup for the forms with the plugins are very inconsistent and i am having trouble using CSS to match the visuals from my client eg.

Login form has

<div class="ms-membership-form-wrapper">...</div>
<div class="ms-login-form">...</div>
<a id="" title="Cancel" class="wpmui-link alignleft" href="/register/?_wpnonce=eca5a966e8&membership_id=71&action=membership_signup&step=payment_table" target="_self">Cancel</a>

but registration has

<div class="ms-membership-form-wrapper">
     <form class="form-membership">...</form>
     <a id="" title="Login" class="wpmui-link alignleft" href="/register/?_wpnonce=eca5a966e8&membership_id=71&action=membership_signup&step=payment_table&do-login=1" target="_self">Already have a user account?</a>

It gets very difficult to modify the CSS as the markup isn't very helpful or consistent

  • Ben

    Honestly, the CSS isn't the problem it's the markup generate by the plugin. It's so inconsistent that i am seriously having doubts about providing something that looks professional to my client. There's no consistency in the markup, class names or hierarchy. You can't select areas of forms as they are wrapped in the same class, none of the text is presented in paragraph tags and some table markup has classes and others don't.

    I understand that the plugin is $19 per month and there is limited time that can be allotted to markup as the plugin is probably intended for people to plop on their site without any need or requirement to make it feel within the branding of the website but i had hoped there would be some way alter the design in a way that it is consistent with the rest of the site.

    Bar from editing the plugin code i don't know how to achieve what is required.

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