Change Main Blog Location for Membership Plugin

I'd like to define a separate blog to control the functions of the Membership plugin.

We have the membership plugin installed in mu-plugins, and want it setup so that one instance of the plugin controls members across the entire network.

Our goal is to create a 'membership' blog, which will be the hub for providing information about the benefits of membership on our site and so we want the functions of membership to be delivered from this specific area - not the root blog as is default.

Aaron and Ivan have recently helped me to make similar changes to both the MarketPress and Classifieds plugins for similar reasons.

Whilst I believe the option to define which blog is the root for all 'major function' plugins should be part of every applicable plugin released - a fix for now would be great :slight_smile:

Can someone help with providing the instructions on how to make these changes to the Membership plugin?


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    thanks Barry.

    Only just installed, haven't played with the settiings yet, still getting my head around it :slight_smile:

    Here's the way we want it to work.
    We have about 30+ blogs that are all part of our network, providing different functions and topics about our main market.

    We want to use the Membership plugin to control complete access across all our blogs. Meaning, one membership interface handles access to all blogs and when a user signs up, their membership covers access to all areas.

    Based on our idea, can you answer these questions?

    So using your logic above, will membership levels, subscriptions, shortcodes etc. created in the 'memberships' blog also carry over to all other blogs on the network?

    Will users registering via the 'membership' blog have their credentials and membership charactertistics transferred across to other blogs on the network?

    Will a page of protected content in a blog devoted to professional members need to be configured in the Membership settings of the 'Professionals' blog or the 'Membership' blog?

    BTW: how do I check if global tables are on?

    Thanks for your help Barry.


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