Change print button output - Only print post content.

Hi there,

I was wondering how to make sure people can print only my post content and not the entire website layout.
At the moment I have a website that is using the Extra theme from Elegant Themes. It comes with a share function on posts that also has a print button. The only problem is that the print button is printing the entire page layout (including sidebars, menu navigation etc).
I already have asked the question through their support forum, but unfortunately they didn't have an answer that solves the problem. That is why I'm posting it here to see if I can get some good advice.

Here is the link of a post: source

At the bottom you will see the print button and when you click on it it will create a pdf of the entire page. I need that to be the content of the post only. How can I achieve this?

I don't mind if I have to remove the button and add a custom one. The most important thing is that people can print the recipe (post content).