Change Pro Sites level price

We are having an issue where if we change the price of a Pro Sites level, then all sites signed up at the previous level stop working.

i.e. these sites just stopped working when it came time for renewal even though payment went through.

As you can imagine we have had some pretty p****d off customers as a result of this.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen before? Is there any issues with altering a sign-up price for a Pro Sites level?

I'm sure I saw somewhere in this forum that this is OK to do this but we are seeing broken sites on our MS network.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    There shouldn't be any problems with this. Of course previous subscriptions would remain at the old price unless they updated their payment method or changed their plan.

    I need more details. What gateway are you using? And what does it say in the logs for one of those sites that expired?

  • Scott Bolinger
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Today I noticed a site that had a successful payment, but the pro site status was withdrawn:

    2013-02-22 3:26:50 pm Pro Site status has been withdrawn.
    2013-01-21 7:52:25 pm Signup success email sent
    2013-01-21 7:52:24 pm Pro Site status expiration extended until February 21, 2013.
    2013-01-21 7:52:23 pm User creating new subscription via PayPal Express: Subscription created
    2013-01-21 7:52:22 pm User creating new subscription via PayPal Express: Initial payment successful

    He made a successful payment on 2/21, but Pro sites did not recognize the payment. Please help me figure out what happened here.

    I did not change the Pro level, or delete any levels as mentioned above, this was just a normal subscription.


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