Change settings, confirmation email and no backend access for new users with Directory plugin

Hi there,
I have purchased the directory plugin two days ago.
So far it runs well, but I have a few issues:
1. First of all I would like to translate the directory plugin to German – (Backend and frontend)
2. New “User Sign Up” to “add listings”
a. On the “New Account - Sign Up site” it should be possible to enter not only Username and email, but also more fields like: name, city, etc.
Most of all users must click a ceck mark to confirm (or agree) some conditions to add an own listing.
b. How can I change the confirmation email after sign up?
Right now it includes the username and password and the sender says: “Wordpress”.
This email should contain some more text information and the sender should be the companies name and email-address. Where can I change the email content?
c. The link in the confirmation-email should not lead to the backend-login, but to this sign in page:
Where can I change that?
d. The new user should not be able to see all the stories in the backend view (because he should not be able to be in the backend anyway)

3. After New user’s login:
a. The user should not see the Backend “Admin Bar”. He or she should edit all listings and profile information on the frontend. Is this possible?
b. After login (click on the link in the email) the new user should be linked to the site where he/she can straightaway add his/her new listing.

4. Add new listing
a. The title should not be red.
b. Users must not be able to upload pictures.
5. Button „Contact User“ is not needed, should not be there.

It would be great and I would really appreciate it, if you could support me with these questions.
Thanks a lot!