Change size of a woocommece shortcode

Hey! I need some help from you guys. Please visit my homepage: . As you can see I've got something called "Månadens erbjudande" , which means "Monthly deal". I am creating this website for a friend. He is not very good at WP at all so he wan't to have it as simple as possible.
Thats why I tried the woocommerce shortcode ([sale_products per_page="1"]). This would allow him to just change the price to SALE and then it would show up on the home-page.

My question is, is it possible to make the product bigger? Atm it is very thin.
Or if not, is there any other way to do a "Deal of the month" function? Remember, as simple configuration as possible.

I also tried to do the same but with a category called "monthly sales" and then show it with a category shortcode. It worked quite well, but it is still to small :slight_frown: