Change start time in appointment+

I am showing the times on this page as 10 minute increments. Can I list them as just the start time (7:30 only, not 7:30-7:40) and how do I do so?

  • Vaughan


    i can't seem to hide this via CSS unfortunately.

    but you can remove it by editing the plugin.

    you'll need to edit appointments.php

    find this line on line 2243

    $ret .= "<td class='appointments-weekly-calendar-hours-mins'>".$from." - ".$to."</td>";

    replace it with

    $ret .= "<td class='appointments-weekly-calendar-hours-mins'>".$from."</td>";

    please note, whenever you update the plugin, this change will be overwritten, so make a note as you will need to reapply the change after each update.

    hope this helps

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