Change Text In Branding Not Working In One Case

I am trying to make my website as simple as possible for my users (lots of seniors). To that end I have deleted a lot of links.

When someone logs into my site and they go to a Chat Room that is part of a BuddyPress Group but they haven't joined the group, they are getting a message of

Oops! That page can’t be found.

Instead I want it to say

Sorry But You Don't Have Access To This Page Yet. Please Go To Forums and Join The Group. Then Try Again.

and the Search Box also needs to be removed.

I have tried to do this in the Branding Plugin but it isn't working - I assume because it is a core function.

I do not want the "Oops!" page showing up just because they haven't registered.

Can you please help.

  • Milan

    Hi @Mary,

    I hope you are having a good day and thanks for the posting. :slight_smile:

    Dear @Mary, our ultimate branding plugin can't accept special character '(Quotation mark) directly as word, you need to use its encoding character for ' character. '(Quotation mark) is represented by


    encoding character.

    Not that once you save your text which contains '(Quotation mark) encoding character it will automatically displayed simple '(Quotation mark) as text instead of encoding character.

    You can find list of encoding character on this url

    Right now I've fixed this problem for you. But in future if you want to replace words which have special character, try to replace special character by their encoding characters. :slight_smile:

    Please use this css code to remove search box from the page.

    #main > div > div > {
        display: none;

    You can paste this code to your child theme's functions.php file for preserving code after theme updates. :slight_smile:

    Or better you have this plugin as alternative choice for managing custom css,

    I am sure this helps you. :slight_smile:

    Wish you a productive day ahead. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Mary

    I'm sorry but I'm somewhat confused. ’ is the code for an apostrophe, from what I've just looked up. There are no apostrophes in

    Oops! That page can’t be found.


    Sorry But You Don't Have Access To This Page Yet. Please Go To Forums and Join The Group. Then Try Again.

    so why is it not working?

    And incidentally when I first went in, I saw that it had changed, but now it has reverted back to

    Oops! That page can’t be found.

    The custom CSS code removed the search box but left

    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try searching?

    so I replaced it with nothing and it still showed up, so I replaced it with "" but you can see the "" on the page now.

    Sorry that I undid whatever you did to make it work. Can you please explain again. Sorry I'm just not getting it.

  • Milan

    Hello @Mary,

    I trust you are having a good day and sorry for being late.

    I am really sorry that my last explanation looks confusing to you. In fact I do believe it was little bit complex too. So here I would like to try one more time with nicer explanation. So please allow me to do so. :slight_smile:

    As you can see in attached screenshot that Quotation mark( ' ) is there in text that's because it will automatically rendered in place of its unicode character, once you save changes.

    All you need to do is replace that quotation mark (') with ’ which is quotation mark's unicode character.

    After this save your changes. But as you will see quotation mark is popped up again in place of unicode character. That's because html rendered every unicode character to its equivalent special character until text is escaped.

    You may be thinking why do you need to do this stuff every time just for changing simple text ?

    That's because the text you would like to change is Coming from your current theme's 404 template file. ( 404.php ) and inside that file, text is written as

    Oops! That page can’t be found.

    so to change that particular text with our plugin you need to provide same text with same unicode character in it.

    I hope this make sense.

    Please let me know if you need any help with it.

    Best Regards,

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