change text on prosites checkout page

Want to change the text on the checkout page that says "Not _____ site" next to all free sites. Where can I find that?

  • Patrick

    Hey there @peter_harris

    I hope you're having a great day!

    The best and most update-proof way to customize labels & text strings in any plugin (or theme) is to create a set of custom language files.

    You can use a program like PoEdit which makes that task just too easy:

    Once PoEdit is installed on your computer, download a copy of Pro Sites and open the following file in PoEdit:

    Make all your customizations, then click the Save button to automatically generate the required .mo & .po files.

    You may need to edit the names of the files to be sure they are like this:

    Change the text-domain too if needed (the en_US part).

    Then upload both files to:

    Also, include a blank text file called (change that too to whatever language code corresponds to your current site language).

    In wp-config.php, be sure the WP_LANG is set to the same language code.

    Finally, in your site's Settings > Reading, select the default language.

    Now your custom labels & text strings will display instead of the plugin defaults.

    I hope this helps! And have fun. :slight_smile:

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