Change text style of Paypal button in Appointments front order page


I have created a Tarot reading site for a client of mine using Appointments+ and she is very happy with it except for a minor styling issue.

When someone orders an appointment by filling up the form, they will then have to click on the button that says “Please click here to confirm this appointment”. After clicking the button another row will appear below it which is actually the Paypal button and it says “Please confirm 37 USD payment for One Hour Tarot Reading By Telephone”.

The issue here is that some of her clients get confused, they think that after clicking the first confirmation button the process is done and they miss the Paypal button that appears.

I want to make the Paypal button more prominent either by changing the text color or the font weight or both even.

I tried using Firebug and found that the div that controls the Paypal button has the css class .appointments-paypal, but whatever I do to it nothing happens. I also tried adding !important to my new stylings but nothing seems to happen.

Please help.

I have attached a screenshot and the appointments page url is