Change The Active Woocommerce Product Tab With Button Click


I have added a custom global tab to all of our woocommerce product pages with the woocommerce booster plug-in. This tab (Titled: ‘RFQ’:wink: has a form users can fill out to request more info on the product.

What I would like to do is have a button that, when clicked, makes the ‘RFQ’ tab the active tab on the page.

The site I’m trying to do this on is

Click HERE to see an example of our current product page set up with the tabs I mentioned.

Please note, we still want the description tab (Titled: ‘SPECS’:wink: to be the default active tab upon page load, but when a user clicks on the ‘EMAIL QUOTE’ button below the price (just to the right of the product image), the ‘RFQ’ tab becomes active. How can I best accomplish this?

P.S. – The ‘EMAIL QUOTE’ button you currently see will open a pop up. I just used this as an example since this is where we want the new button that will make the ‘RFQ’ tab active to be located.

Thanks for any help that you can offer,