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I have tried several things to change the admin email, including setting up several email accounts for each separate service provider. I removed “admin” from the site altogether and still only get emails to the admin email account. I’ve gone through the database and don’t see a reference anywhere to the email that keeps getting all the confirmations. I even changed the global “super admin” email address, thinking the plugin might just be emailing the global admin (not so). So now there is no reference (that I can find) to the original admin email ( but all the confirmation emails still go there. The providers don’t get emails either, only the xxx email. I should note, the people making appointments do get confirmation emails. I have also dumped the server cache, rebooted Apache and MySQL services. Emails still go to the original xxx address and no providers??? Any help, pointers?

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    Okay, quick update. I think the email may somehow be tied into the network admin email. It was the only one I could find that I hadn’t changed. It was still I changed it to and I stopped getting emails to the xxx address. They now go to the yyy address.

    This confirms (to me) that the admin email for a given multi-site is tied into the main website network email address? This makes no sense to me. I don’t want to get confirmation emails from someone that sets up an A+ plugin on their multi-site sub-domain.

    I am trying to offer hosting to the small businesses in my area. If I setup a website for a doctors office and use A+, I can’t change the Network admin email to the doctors email address, and I don’t want to get all the notification/confirmation emails from the doctors office.

    Would it possible to take a closer look at how email works with A+ in a MU environment?

    Hope that makes sense, please let me know if I can clarify any portion of this?


  • MojPoj
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    It was network activated. Deactived for the network, now it’s just activated on the one subsite. But email is still going to the network admin address.

    Network Dashboard -> Settings -> Network Settings

    The email set for: Network Admin Email

    If I change that email, it goes to whatever I change it to. So the issue still stands for me???

    That was a good thought. I was hoping it would work.

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