Change the directory look, within my site's own theme

Hello, again :slight_smile:

I have directory installed using shortcodes on a page, but the look of the directory is incredibly plain and the formatting doesn't look right.

The usage instructions state "Shortcodes are the easiest way to integrate your plugin to your theme. Add them to a normal Post/Page in the HTML view and the shortcode will be replaced by really cool stuff when you look at the page. Like magic!"

I've done that but where is the really cool stuff? What can I do to impove this so it looks more like the original.

I have attached 2 screengrabs showing 1. how my site's directory looks and
2. what the directory plugin's theme should look like.

Advice on other similar posts have included creating a child theme or a post template.

Which do I do? Or is there something simpler?

Assistance gratefully received :slight_smile: