Change the limit of 70 chars within the page title field of the WPMU DEV SEO plugin

Originally I recommended some time ago in the post that a character counter be implemented into the tool, so that you could easily see how many characters your title included, and to make sure that it didnt go over 70 characters. This was actioned and it has been really useful.

Following some research by the team at SEOMoz, i'd like to suggest that the tool is modified so that rather than limit me to only 70 characters, it simply provides a warning that my title is over the 70 character recommendation. Maybe by changing the colour of the box or something similar?

For reference, the video presentation that explains why this is important is available to view at

Thanks guys, and keep up the excellent work!

  • eseyo
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    OK, have got the latest version of the plugin, new name and all...

    I can see that there is new text suggesting "Up to 70 characters recommended", but if I try to add any more characters than 70 it still stops me. how do I change this? I thought you said that I could now add as many as I like?

    My suggestion would be to simply allow the user to add as many as they wished, but let the character counter display some kind of a warning once it goes over the 70 "limit". maybe show a negative count for the number of characters over 70 the post is?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    How exactly did you upgrade? Was it through the automated updater or did you download and re-install via FTP?

    That forced limit definitely should be gone in the new version...

    Can you try completely deleting the plugin files and re-installing?


  • eseyo
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    I just performed an automatic upgrade.

    I have this installed on dozens of websites so dont want to have to update them all manually, but will try one version with a manual remove and re-install and let you know... gimme 30 mins...

  • eseyo
    • Flash Drive

    OK, just downloaded the new version of the plugin, and uploaded it to a project im currently working on.

    Still stops me at 70 characters i'm afraid. Happy to set you up a temporary access to this installation to see it if you need to?

  • eseyo
    • Flash Drive

    Didnt have any caching plugins installed when I first posted this message earlier today. I have now added them to the site (WP Super Cache) and it is still not working.

    Am I the only one with this issue or is it working for other users?

    I have just tried it on another of my sites, after performing the automatic update, and it has worked fine. Looks very good.

    I'll check things again from my end to make sure that I have everything correct. I will post again when I have the findings.

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