Change the @name

I’m using WHMCS Bridge which creates a new user when somebody signs up to WHMCS.

This is great, but because it uses the email as the signup name, which can easily be changed to whatever the user wants, the @name given is pretty much the email address (such as @userdomain-com).

This isn’t good as it is giving spammers a field day, being able to figure out so many email addresses on the site.

Is there a way to either use only the first X amount of characters in the user name or, better still, giving the user the option to change the @name, even if they can only do it one time.

I added this to the BuddyPress site, but the only answer was concerning the ability to have a user change their username. The problem with this si that WHMCS requires an email to be used for the username, so changing it would break the bridge (I think).

There isn’t a problem so much with an email being a user name, as the user can change what is shown on the site to whatever they want.

Is this possible?