Change the on rollover to include the image

Hi! I would like to have the images in the sub-blog "squares" on the front page of the Network theme also respond to the on rollover to refer to the posts (now if you rollover them, nothing happens). (Ok, Ok, just like I am a bit confused about which files are controlling the front page but if I can navigate my way around, I am comfortable making some simple edits.

Thanks in advance,

  • DavidM
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    Hi cmccb,

    That's strange. I'm really not sure why that would be, as I've just installed a fresh copy of the latest version on a test site and the images did link to the posts as you're requesting. Though I definitely remember that not being the case in prior tests.

    On that note, could you let me know which version of WordPress and the Network theme you're using?


  • cmccb
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    I am using network version 1.5.2, and just updated wordpress today to the latest release (3.1.3) (though it did not work on the beta version (3.2 beta 1) that i had running). I am in development mode on localhost. I have not tried it "live" yet. I suppose I can reinstall the theme if the mouseover on the pics are supposed to work. I will try that first and let you know.


  • DavidM
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    Hiya cmccb, that shouldn't be a problem at all unless you've got other changes you'd like to keep in place. You can simply re-copy over the theme to get the settings back to normal.

    I've actually tried this out on the 3.2 beta as well and was able to see the full rollover effect, so that really should work.

    Please just let me know if you do encounter any difficulties with that. :slight_smile:

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