Change the overall site colour of BP Theme Social

I need to change the overall colour of my site, it has the social theme default blue, facebook like colour.
I've looked at few CSS files but I'm not sure which one is for the main site.
Can you please advise?


  • Tammie

    @weightfan: You should be able to edit this under theme options if there isn't an option for something you wish to change under that (remember to set up it to use default style before you set them) then you can find all the css files under /css. My best advice at this point as I'm not sure which part you want to change would be to use something like firebug or right click and view source in your browser page. Then you can find the element and do a search in that css directory for that element. I personally use Textmate as an editor for code as it has a great 'search in all project files' which means I can do a directory search of many files. Most editors though will allow you to search all files in a directory.

    To create your own custom make sure in style.css which is under the main directory you have custom.css uncommented and then if there is not one under css/ make a file called custom.css and add your custom css there. If you are still having problems just let me know which bit you want to change colour as there are several blue bits on the site so I'm unsure if you mean background colour or all. Hope this helps and let me know if you need further assistance.

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