Change the Q&A profile URL

I've got Q&A setup on a subsite of a buddypress multisite network. The Q&A plugin has unqiue profile pages where a user's activity and reputation is displayed. On BP networks using the root profile URL, Q&A conflicts with it.

In BP, a root profile URL is (the default BP profile URL is - but many people change it to root to give a cleaner look).

The profile URLs in Q&A use the following format this creates a conflict as it attempts to load the BP profile page when root profile URLs are enabled. I like to change how Q&A builds its profile URLs so that it is becomes

Can you guys help me out with this? I imagine that it can be accomplished with a small hack but I don't know how.

  • Saunt Valerian


    This is a rather single use-case situation, but since this is on a subsite I simply commented out all the code in qa/core/buddypress.php. Those functions of BP probably work fine with Q&A is activated on the main buddypress site, but it doesn't work when Q&A is activated on a subsite on a buddypress network.

    Also broken is the activity stream items when adding from a subsite. They don't get populated with the data. I'm going to try to hack together something else so I'll see how it works in the end. I think Q&A is not quite ready for a BP network subsite installation, though I suspect it works fine on the main site, looking at the code everything looks right there, but it doesn't account for multisite.

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