Change URL but Keep Social Proof

I have two issues going on:

(1) A very old wordpress site (12 years old) that has an odd permalink structure that was employed to overcome the old permalink problem ( and I'd like to normalize this entire site with [Example:

(2) Need to merge a few sites into one. [Example:

Obviously doing either of these will cause many URLs to change. I will, of course, use a 301 to redirect each page, but want to keep the social proof I have on the posts. I have found ways to keep the OLD counts, but not a way to keep the old counts AND add in any new counts. (Important because, for example, the former of the posts linked above went viral 6 years AFTER it was written.)

It seems to me that the social count buttons (I use shareaholic's currently) pull the current counts from somewhere and it should be possible to pull the old URL counts and then pull the new URL counts and add them together for display on the new URL, but I can't find anything like that anywhere.

Ideas? Thoughts? Would love to solve this problem and appreciate any input.