Change User rule in Subsite

Hi Dear Boss,
i have two issue
i want my user auto login in my subsite when they login on Master Site

Example> Master Site User Ali Loggin already and using site
when user Ali open Subsite Ali Auto login

How i can change User Rules on Subsite

Attention: my main site user rule is Author But i want on subsite Subscribe rule of all users


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Ali,

    Autologin is not possible with two separate installs of WordPress - WordPress user sync only sync accounts between two WordPresses, so users can login using the same credentials to both sites.
    But login in on master site will not log them in subsite.

    As for your second request - as you can see on usage page it's not possible out side of the box

    7. All new users on the master site are replicated on the subsite(s)including passwords, their emails and their user roles and they’ll now be listed in subsite’s User list.

    8. Now whenever a new user is added to the Master site they are automatically created with the same details on the subsite(s).

    To achieve this you will have to develop custom code in the functions update_other_user_data and sync_user in the plugin file user-sync.php

    If you are not a programmer then you can consider hiring a developer from to develop it for you.

    There is already a feature request created for this feature and this feature may be added in future version of plugin but We don't publish ETAs to prevent disappointment if a deadline is missed(which in plugin development quite a frequent occurrence!).

    kind regards,

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