change/add fields membership pro 2.0

How can i add or change the profile fields?
i want them in dutch and i want to add new fields.
the add-on, membership attributes and profile fields are both enabled

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Erik,

    I hope you're well today and than you for your question!

    The "Profile fields" add-on in Membership 2 Pro plugin is designed to pick-up existing additional profile fields and/or let you decide which of them should be displayed on registration page and which should be mandatory. To create and handle additional fields you will want to use another plugin. The most popular and, I think, the most flexible solution is BuddyPress which includes "x-Profile fileds" feature. This is a solution very popular among members of our community. In short: additional fields are created with BuddyPress and user profiles are also handled by the plugin and those fields that you wish to appear on registration form are picked up and configured in Membership's "Profile fields" add-on.

    As for translations. For default WP profile fields the translation should be automatically picked-up from WP language settings. It would be also good to add Dutch translation files to Membership 2 Pro:

    Please note however that all translations for our plugins are "community powered" and it seems that the current progress of Dutch translation got temporarily stuck at 28%. This means, that you will most likely want to adjust translation files yourself. Here's a brief guide on this:

    As for additional custom fields. I think if your site is a "single language" site, it would be just enough to give these fields names in Dutch. Otherwise (if site is multilingual) it may be necessary to use a multi-language plugin such as WPML:

    Best regards,

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