Changed Hosting Provider Restore Backup

Hi Guys, I've created a new hosting account and would like to transfer my multisite to that account. Ive created a snapshot and uploaded it to the uploads/snapshot folder, however It won't allow me to restore the site on the new hosting provider. Can someone help me with this?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi David,

    You started this ticket in our Hosting section which is for questions about our Hosting, however I don't see any sites registered with your account, so wondering if you're referring to our hosting or not?

    First thing you should note is that Snapshot is not designed to be used as a migration plugin so we can't guarantee if it will work in these cases, that's why we're working on a new plugin specific for migrations.

    About the Snapshot issue, which snapshots did you use, regular ones or Managed Backups?
    With regular one you need to have backup of each site in network, there's no option to create entire network backup this way.
    And once the backups are inside uploads/snapshot folder you first need to go to Snapshot > Import panel to import those backups in order to see them on site.

    As for the Managed Backups, you can go to your HUB expand the Backup tab of the site where the backup was created, on the desired backup click on Restore and select "My website is down" to see instructions on how to restore the site.

    I do need to mention one more time that Snapshot is not a migration plugin so there's a chance that this will not work for you.

    Best regards,

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