Changes in magazine theme


I actually have a couple of problems and hope to get help :slight_frown:.

1 - The menu above i would like to change, how to I add pages in the 'magazine' - tab?

2 - In this community the members are students and the Groups are Clubs (student-clubs). I would like every Group to be a club, but i dont want members to be able to create this possible? How do i do this?

3 - Is it possible to make a 'News' - section where every club has its own "blog"?

4 - How do i make the front page like this:
- A slider with different pictures.
- Some news below the slider that updates when a Club s post news in its own news-section.

5 - Last I wanna put a menu named 'Pics' - Here i want albums (like a pile with fotos) from various dates when clubs have been taken som photos. How do i do this? Also is it possible for "tags" in the pics?

A lot of questions, hope you can help me with some:slight_frown: