Changes regarding the buddypress profile pic


I want to make some changes in my site regarding how the profile pic is handled (since I have buddypress incorporated, I'm guessing this part is handled by bp):
1-Right after logging in, the user can see a mini profile pic. I'd like to allow users to change it by clicking on it. It can redirect to the page where the user uploads his pic -I'm probably going to change the bp permalinks to look like something customized for my site, but right now it's /members/username/profile/change-avatar/

2-I want to remove the text displayed at the page mentioned above. The text is this one: "Your profile photo will be used on your profile and throughout the store. If there is a Gravatar associated with your account email we will use that, or you can upload an image from your computer.".

3-I want to have the Select File button to look like the Upload Image bp button.

4-Depending on the size of the image, it surpasses the borders of the page -this happens right after the user uploads it, when he's going to crop it.

The support access is active and you guys already have my FTP login data (it has Tyler's name in the subject line of the email). You can either perform these changes there or give me the instructions to do so, whatever you guys think it's best.