Changes to Membership Plugin with Free Members

I am looking at making some changes to the Membership Plugin and would like to know if these changes are:

a) Do-able in the sense that it will work flawlessly with the website

b) Will not necessarily be effected by updates

I currently run the website: and would like to add the membership plugin.

Current test site is:

I would like a person (student) to sign up for free, go through a normal sign up form and then to be able to have an avatar (profile picture) that could be uploaded by the student and that it appears in their account page.

When the user also signs up, I would like there to be a decision of two different type of users – both acting in two different account pages with different form fields (added form fields) – that can display information from the site on conditional tags and other users.

I would also like the remove of the subscribe ‘paypal’ looking button and to remove the visual-only coupon part of the form/sign up completely.

Basically I want to tailor this access level for certain parts of the site for registered users only, but no users will be charged and want it to appear as a normal registry system.

Is this possible?