Changes to template-functions.php


I cleaned up my Fundraiser Panel widget a bit and edited template-functions.php. Although I am happy (so far) with the results, I'm concerned that an update to the plugin will affect my changes.

What do you recommend I do to make my changes immune to a plugin update? My changes are merely commenting out certain parts of the widget.

1. Remove the "None" button by commenting /fundraising/lib/template-functions.php as:

$content .= '
<div class="wdf_reward_item">
<div class="wdf_reward_choice"><input type="radio" name="wdf_reward" value="none" /></div>
<div class="wdf_reward_description">'.apply_filters('wdf_no_reward_description',__('None','wdf')).'</div>

2. Remove custom donation label and text field for variable pledge amount by commenting /fundraising/lib/template-functions.php as:

$content .= '<div class="wdf_custom_donation_label">'.apply_filters('wdf_choose_amount_label',__('Choose An Amount','wdf')).'</div>';
$content .= ($settings['curr_symbol_position'] == 1 || $settings['curr_symbol_position'] == 2 ? '<span class="currency">'.$wdf->format_currency().'</span>' : '');
$content .= '<input type="text" name="wdf_pledge" class="wdf_pledge_amount" value="" />';