Changing color-code attached to a membership..?


So, this seems really like it should be trivially easy, only … I can’t find a setting for it anywhere. I have two memberships (id 1669 and 1670) that have identical color-coding in the back end. This is confusing to my client, who is the primary back-end user. I want to change the color setting for either of the two memberships – I really don’t care which, but I want to be sure it isn’t changed to some other color used by some other membership.

Where, o WHERE, is the color-code assigned when a new membership is created? Where, o WHERE, can I change that color value? (the value in question, in case it matters, which I can’t imagine it possibly does, is #8758c4. )

Back end access has already been granted, for another open ticket, and will not lapse for several weeks.

Your speedy response gratefully appreciated,