Changing content every four days

I'm building a new site. One of the functions of the site is to inform people about a changing information about the event. It changes every four days. What is the best way to populate the webpage to keep . The information current?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, matt!

    I'm not sure of the exact details about what you're trying to do, do you want the site content to COMPLETELY change every four days, or just what appears on the front page?

    If you're using a blog style, just writing a new blog post will push old content down on the page, or you could regularly edit the front page content.

    There are plugins out there that will let you put an expiration date on posts, so they'll be hidden after (x) amount of time, and you can always write content and use the scheduling tool to have it run at a specific, later time.

    I guess I need just a few more details here so I can help you better, matt.


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