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I have an install of wpmu that I would like to change the domain name on. Could anyone suggest the best way to do this? Is it possible to point the new domain and change a file or 2 or is it an intense process. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this but cant seem to find any info on this

  • Mason


    Depends no how long the site has been in use - or how many sub-sites you have.

    It's not a crazy intense process, but there are several places you would need to make the change.

    From memory, so test and note your changes just in case:
    1. Change the domain_current_site in wp-config.php to your new domain - note that there's no 'http' for this value.
    2. In the database, change the value in wp_site (should match wp-config)
    3 & 4. In the database, go to wp_options and search for option_name 'siteurl' and 'home' and change your domain name here. These use the 'http' prefix.

    Or instead of going directly in the database, you should be able to do this through Network Admin > Sites>Edit. Just go down the entire list and change all references to your old domain.

    This will get the site working on the new domain - but still have things like broken sub-sites and your file/media uploads (should also be in the wp_options table - and on the Site>Edit page in the admin)

    Other things to consider:
    - Every sub-site will have the old domain name in it in the wp_options table.
    - Upload File locations will also need to be changed.
    - Some theme options that work with photo uploads also save an absolute value, so these would have to change as well.

    You can search and replace in your database as one option to get them all at once - just be careful and make a backup ahead of time - to be sure you're safe.

    Hope this helps! Any other specific questions, just let us know.


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