changing email address site wide and other text


A client wants met to change all instances of an email address site wide. Is there a quick and fast way to do this? Also is there a quick way to change instances of other text/phrases sitewide easily and quickly?


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    Hello cornelius_butler

    I hope you’re fine today!

    As for e-mail address. On the site you got two “types” of e-mail addresses. One would be an address used by WordPress for example for “lost password” and user registration confirmation e-mails. That address you can change on “Settings -> General” page in “Email Address” field.

    It seems, however, that on your site there’s another option for setting e-mail address, that is used for contact forms there. You will find that option on “Appearance -> Customize -> Header” page.

    These two places should let you change the e-mail “sitewide”.

    As for other text/phrases.

    I’m afraid that’s not that simple as it depends on what exactly do you want to change:

    – there are text that are parts of the posts’ content and those you need to edit via post editor in back-end.

    – there are phrases printed out by plugins directly and some of them might be editable via given plugin settings but some might not be possible to change this way; in such case our Ultimate Branding plugin with its “Text Change” module would be handy.

    – there are also texts/phrases that are part of the theme and those can either be edited in Customizer (“Appearance -> Customize”:wink: or – if they are not there – again an Ultimate Branding plugin would be handy here.

    You will find the Ultimate Branding plugin here:

    Kind regards,


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