Changing GUID on a multisite for mapped subdomains

I am using Velvet Blues URL plugin to change GUID on a multisite install for the mapped subdomain sites. Do you think it's better to use the subdomain in this field, or the mapped domain? And, do you think it's best to use http or https?

I ask b/c I had already done a few passes for re-mapping different domains. I think this site had been developed under another domain, then migrated, then a template was created and copied. So, the GUID field had a few different domains and subdomains.

original domain (subdomain)
new domain (template subdomain)
new domain (new subdomain)
mapped domain

  • Vaughan

    Hi chris,

    Hope you're well?

    The guids are only used for RSS feeds/atom links in Wordpress, so if you're not bothered about upsetting rss feed reader users, or if you don't actually use rss on your site, then it's perfectly fine for you to update them all to the mapped domain. The only issue you would have is like i say, some people may have subscribed to the rss feeds, if that's the case, they would then need to update their feed readers.

    But it's not to break your site either way.

    As for http v https, if your sites are all fully https, then use https :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps

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