Changing how og:title_name appears on Facebook for posts


Trying to control what appears on FB shares for my site. The main two things I want to do are:

a) When users share posts to FB via the Ultimate FB plugin I want the url showing under the title of the post and the description to be changed from the URL of the post to a title of my choosing (I thing this is the og:site_name property of Open Graph) .

b) Every time someone shares the main URL of the site I want (again) to show the og:site_name to a name I choose plus with a photo choose.

I have tried to do all this via the OpenGraph properties of the Ultimate Facebook plugin and the SmartCrawl one but nothing happens. Please see attached screenshots of my changes.

I am sure there is sth I haven't done right here since this is the first time I try to do this.

NOTE: My Ultimate Fb plugin is a "custom" one provided by your devs as a result of a previews ticket (