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Hi there
still having layout problems. I have a multisite website and have buddypress installed as it sets out the blogs page and registration page.

The best example of how i want my registration page and blogs page to look like is in the website Edublogs which is built on the wordpress format and probably squidoo or hubpages.

I dont want to have buddypress but seem to have no choice as it sets out the layout for the blogs page. Buddypress also conflicts with nearly all multsite plugins. I just want to be able to change the layout.

  • sandy
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    Have managed to change look of blogs page but all my add to any buttons/google plus see to stick to the top of the page when they are set to go to the bottom of the page. Huge problem as my registration page to create a blog does not work. My url is http://www.i***hu*** (just delete the asterix to get full url as I don't want it to show in search engines)

    many thanks

  • DavidM
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    Hi Sandy,

    Those are BuddyPress pages (the Blog listing for example) you're referring to, correct?

    I can't seem to get anything else added to the page myself in testing, and just assume it would need to be done via the blogs template. Have you added those items in the template file for that page?


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