Changing Output Generated by Protected Content Shortcodes

I have a couple of places in which I would like to make changes to the output being generated by Protected Content shortcodes.

1. I'm using the following shortcode to generate a registration form, but my page loads with TWO sets of Password/Confirm Password fields (first IDs = "password" & "password2", second IDs = "password_1" & "password_2":wink:. See screenshot.

[ms-membership-register-user title="Create An Account" email="" membership_id="5" loginlink="no"]

I was able to create an account and save a password correctly using only the first set, but would like to remove one or the other.

2. I would like to remove the "Register" link from the bottom of the Login form generated by the following shortcode (see screenshot)
I am registering users myself, and do not want to expose the registration process to anyone else. Can I remove this link to lock users out of self-registration?