Changing PayPal Accounts without having to stop membership subscriptions


I need to change my PayPal account. I currently have it set up under one and need to set it up under a completely different PayPal account. The problem I am facing is will my current members lose their membership under my old paypal account and have to resubscribe under my new one?

This is a need as I am working with a partner and she has decided to become a stay at home mom (an honorable thing). However, all the PayPal account information is in her name and for business purposes I need to change it over so everything is under mine name and going directly to me.

Is there a way to roll over these memberships without disrupting the subscriptions?

  • Ivan

    Hey there Martiel,

    Hope you are well and thanks for the question!

    I am afraid there is no way to do it without cancel their current subscription.

    If they are using recurring payments, you may want to cancel their current subscriptions and send them a kind letter informing them of the change on your site and urging them to re-subscribe next month using the new payment method.

    I know this might not be very convenient, but there is no other way because of the way PayPal works.