Changing Primary Domain Name broke my Multisite

Hey, I could use some help here. This is the situation.

I'm working with a Subdirectory Multisite on shared hosting. And I have a primary and one sub: &

Everything was working fine until I tried to change the domain name. Then everything broke... well except for

I googled how to migrate a wordpress multisite and made changes to the DB and some WP files... still no luck. So I decided to call my hosting company thinking it was a DNS issue. They weren't much of any help since they don't support and aren't trained in Mulitistes...

I decided to change the domain back to the original domain name hoping things would go back to normal. Fingers were crossed... but it didn't seem to help: it's still broke.

I should note that my Domain Names are hosted with a different company.

Where I'm at now - I'll break it down into 3 areas.

When in the WordPress dashboard... clicking on any of these below, this is what happens:

1) Network - Getting white page with pageok
2) - Site is up but seems to not have completely resolved
3) - Goes to (If I put the url direct in the browser, I get a static html page of my hosting company)

Domain Names:
Pointed to nameservers. (was also pointed to my server ip, but deleted that because it seemed to cause problems)

There is currently no alias... but I do see in the NameServers 2 records for and 2 records for the (this info is with my hosting company, not the Domain Name registrar.)

I Should Note: I deleted the alias through CPanel thinking I could just recreate the alias and the issue would be resolved. But now I'm not able to create the alias in CPanel or in my Domain Details page of my hosting provider. When I try to recreate the alias... I get a "nice body warming" notification stating the it already exists, but there's no alias to be found... atleast not on any of the dashboards.

When I delete those and try to create an alias again. It states that there are still records, so I'm unable to create the alias.

Lastly, I've changed the NameServers and deleted with attempts to recreate the alias within the past few hours.

It's a mess I know...Thanks for any suggestions in advance.